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Classes Offered

  • Preschool: 2 1/2 - 5 years old (Potty Trained)

  • Kindergarten

  • Before and After Care for Tallwood Elementary School

  • Summer Camp (Elementary Students)

Our Program Includes

  • Language: Communication skills are developed through stories, conversation, and dramatization.

  • Socialization: Independence, cooperation, and responsibility are encouraged through planning, working, and playing in a Christian setting.

  • Bible: While no particular doctrine is taught, the children are exposed to Bible stories and songs.

  • Science: The children learn of God's world through the study of nature and various experiments.

  • Motor Skill Development: Your child's fine and gross motor skills will be developed as he/she participates in a variety of planned physical activities.

  • Art: Creative expression is encouraged through the use of paints, crayons, scissors, and other such medium.

  • Music: Your child will be exposed to the world of music through listening and actively responding to rhythm and melody.

  • Health and Safety: Your child will learn about good health habits and childhood safety rules.

  • Discipline: The discipline policy incorporates a positive attitude and reinforcement program.  Good behavior is encouraged and rewarded.

  • Soccer Shots is offered seasonally for an additional fee.  

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